WordCamp Tampa Call For Speakers

Talks that we are looking for

WordCamp Tampa is looking for local speakers offering their knowledge on varying levels of WordPress usage.

We are asking you to share your knowledge, or perhaps a difficult situation you faced and how WordPress helped solve the problem.

You don’t need to be a total expert or a developer to share your knowledge. There will be many users that are strictly publishers just like you that are eager to learn.

General Format

Each session will be about 45 minutes long with some time for questions. Please leave at least 10 minutes for questions.

Have something to share that you can’t really go on and on about? That’s okay, we have 15 minute lightning talks readily available for you to jump in. Please leave a few minutes for questions but stress that you can answer lengthy questions at the networking party after the event.

Important notes about the content of your talk

  • Share > pitch. WordCamps are educational events, not marketing opportunities, so proposing a product pitch will not get you very far with the speaker selection team.
  • No pay for play. WordCamps never, ever provide a speaking opportunity in exchange for sponsorship or anything else. Please don’t ask.
  • Unique. WordCamp sessions are all recorded and posted to WordPress.tv for everyone to watch, so it’s redundant to have speakers give the same talk at multiple events. WordCamps pride themselves on having unique content.
  • Tell a story. Most people can Google what they are trying to accomplish with WordPress unless it’s a very complex process. Tutorial talks are often not remembered a few days later, but stories that will inspire our attendees to do more with WordPress are encouraged.
  • Embrace the WordPress license. Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and organizers must be GPL friendly.
  • Respect the WordPress trademark. Ensure any references to WordPress are with a capital ‘W’ and a capital ‘P’.

Topic Ideas (as they relate to WordPress)

  • Developing themes and plugins
  • Caching and speed
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Using WordPress as an eCommerce platform
  • Content writing, scheduling, and strategy
  • Setting up and using child themes properly
  • Blogging as a career
  • Using WordPress as an intranet
  • Taxonomies, post types, and custom fields
  • WordPress and photography
  • Blogging vs Journalism
  • BuddyPress and community building
  • Using WordPress as a CRM
  • Presenting WordPress to clients as a solution
  • Using WordPress as an application framework

How to Submit a Talk

Please complete the form on this page. If you have more than one talk you are submitting, please fill out the form again with a new talk title and description. We will pick which talk makes most sense for this event.