The Organizers

Alison Foxall

Alison is the lead organizer for WordCamp Tampa, heading up marketing and communications. Professionally, she is a founding partner and lead designer of Gobble Logic; a web design, development, and marketing firm. Alison has been using WordPress since 2004. When she isn’t running the business, Alison is learning Japanese, reading books or periodicals, and being very active in political groups, local politics and discussions.

Thomas Giella Jr.

Thomas is in charge of venue logistics, lunch, signage placement, and has all around been an integral part of this event. Thomas is the owner of Gear Spinners LLC. A company whose sole goal is to provide small to medium businesses great online solutions at an affordable price. Thomas began his career with a degree in design in 2006, leading to a degree in management in 2011. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys the fruits of life including Xbox 360, learning Python on Raspberry Pi, family, and friends.

Thomas Townsend

Tom Townsend is heading up the live streaming aspect of WordCamp and was instrumental in coordination of this year’s venue selection. Professionally, he is the President and Founder of SMBsocial an Inbound marketing SW company that provides Digital Presence Solutions to SMB’s (Small Medium Business). His team helps solve real business problems with creative applications and platforms built on WordPress.

Andrew Norcross

Andrew Norcross is in charge of our schedule and speakers for WordCamp Tampa.

Jim True

Jim is heading up volunteer wrangling and the Happiness Bar for WordCamp Tampa.

Elaine Simmons

Elaine is in charge of our networking after party and apart of our art team for WordCamp.

Lindsay Jo Crenshaw

Lindsay is creative director and a crucial part of our art team for WordCamp.

Brianna Norcross

Brianna has helped with various odds and ends, getting quotes back from vendors, and always jumping in to help when one of us is struggling.

Daryn St. Pierre

Daryn is our web developer and designer for WordCamp Tampa, representing Big Sea Design and Development. When he’s not writing code, he’s usually found either on a skateboard or a road bike. Rainy day? He’s probably coding something stupid, coding something actually useful, playing video games or listening to old records.

Alphonso Montibello

Alphonso has helped WordCamp Tampa by selecting our lunch caterer and assisting Thomas Giella in coordinating.